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  • framing and construction
  • single family homes
  • smart growth planning

John S. Marini, Builder Developer

John Marini, founder of residential framing and construction companies, John S Marini Management Co., Framing Company and KAM Construction Management Co., has grown to be one of the Boston area's larger and more respected builders. Marini Framing, Inc. was established in 1963, and the company group is currently in the business of building and property development for residential, mixed use, and property management services.

Over the past four decades, the Marini companies have designed and built over 900 units of single-family housing and residential condominiums. This has included mixed use, office/retail/residential developments and the preservation of historic buildings.

Many of our developments are “smart growth”. This building philosophy employs underutilized property in or near suburban town centers and close to or within walking distance to public transportation. This design movement is considered today’s answer to sprawl, pollution from commuter traffic and commuting frustration. Ever wish you could get around without a car? By developing these sites for mixed use, residents enjoy ease of commute within a quiet community setting. As a result, town centers are revitalized with new restaurants and retail shops catering to the many new residents.

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Marie Nalli and John Marini
Marie Nalli and John Marini

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A "Smart Growth" neighborhood with 17 Townhomes walking distance to the town center and mass transit, coming soon to Canton, MA